Tracking and Certification

Student Tracking System

We monitor the progress of our students throughout the program and give regular feedback to our parents about the achievements in the lessons and the language development level of the student. We report the achievements and future studies with the Student Report Card.

Self-Assessment Model

We enable our students to self-evaluate their own learning process and increase their awareness of their own developmental needs.

We complete the learning process with certification.

Our students who complete our programs receive a certificate in compliance with the European Language Framework.

Turkish Language Certificates

Would you like to document your child’s language proficiency level with internationally valid certificates? We offer our Hurra Turkey students the opportunity to obtain a Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate within the framework of our joint cooperation with Ankara University.

Our language proficiency certificates are recognized by all institutions in the country. With this certificate, our students can certify their language proficiency level for any program they will attend in Turkey.

Our language proficiency certificates have international accreditation. Our certificates are internationally accredited by the Council of Europe under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It meets the standards set by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) within the scope of method, application and development.

Our certificates cover beginner and intermediate language proficiency levels. In terms of language proficiency levels, CEFR covers A1 and A2 language proficiency levels, which are considered as the beginner level, and B1.1 and B1.2 proficiency levels, which are considered as the intermediate level.

The language proficiency level of our students is monitored by our instructors. Our Hurra Türkiye training programs have been prepared within the framework of CEFR language proficiency programs. Our educational programs and teachers prepare our students for the language skills needed in a natural process.

In order to have a Turkish language proficiency certificate, it is necessary to take online Language Exams. Our exams are designed to increase the student’s learning motivation under the supervision of expert instructors.

All students aged 3 and over can take our exams online. Language proficiency exams measure speaking and listening skills for our students aged 3-5; It measures reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for students aged 4 and above.

To participate in exams

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