Our Teachers

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Language Taught by Native Speakers

Our students can meet with our teachers who teach the mother tongue, as well as with our certified teachers who teach effective speaking a foreign language. All of our teachers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from education faculties. Our teachers have 5 years or more teaching experience.

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For the Most Basic Beginners

All of our teachers have a "Foreign Language Teaching" certificate. They can easily communicate with students who do not speak or know very little English.

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We Give Importance to Professional Development

All of our teachers receive regular professional developmental training. Colleagues support each other by engaging in peer observation and evaluation activities.

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Performance Evaluation

All of our teachers are regularly evaluated for performance. We adopt continuous development and progress with 360-degree evaluation.

Meet Our Teachers

Meet with Hurra Lingo’s experienced teachers. Click to watch the videos.en

RP Anielyn Gamata
RP Dhn Gry Fatima Leopolda
Saskia Douglas
RP Divinagracia LABIAGA
RP Arlene Javier
Seline Karakurt
Eunice De Villiers
Anthea Jackson
Yolandi Bezuidenhout
Raymond Leon De Sissing

Come on Join the Hurra Lingo Team

We invite candidates who are experienced in foreign language education and who will add synergy to our team, to join our Hurra Lingo team to work with the assurance of Nesibe Aydın Educational Institutions.